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Luis Bonilla - Trombone

Fabio Schurischuster - Guitar Albrecht Klinger - Bass Guitar Bernhard Wimmer - Drums

The Austrian alternative jazz sensation "Exploding Pig," featuring Luis Bonilla (known for his work with Phil Collins and the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra), is bringing a fresh breeze to the music scene with their new album "Jazz Futura." Released on November 3, 2023, under the New York label "Planet Arts," the album transcends musical boundaries by blending jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic lounge elements, and lo-fi beats.

Exploding Pig captivates with their unique sound and style, inspired by American pop culture. This group of friends with rich musical backgrounds combines various influences into an unmistakable mix described as 'Jazz Futura' or 'Jazz meets 70’s porn.' 

With their subtle yet powerful feel-good atmosphere, they have quickly made a name for themselves.

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Exploding Pig
Exploding Pig - 6 Inch Slippers

Exploding Pig - 6 Inch Slippers

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Exploding Pig - Batman on Acid (Spain Tour Recap)

Exploding Pig - Batman on Acid (Spain Tour Recap)

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Exploding Pig - Licor De Nacho

Exploding Pig - Licor De Nacho

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Exploding Pig - Who stole my sticks (Jam Session)

Exploding Pig - Who stole my sticks (Jam Session)

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Luis Bonilla


Appeal helps. 

Robert Hayden (American Poet)

Ever eager and ambitious to move forward, Multi-Grammy Award Artist, Luis Bonilla continues to set his sights on the next step of creativity. 30 years of experience with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Poncho Sanchez, Lester Bowie, McCoy Tyner, Astrud Gilberto, Marc Anthony, Paquito d’Rivera, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Alejandro Sanz and Phil Collins has molded him into a distinct artist and entertainer. Luis’ participation on any stage evokes a “contagious exuberance” (Jazzwise magazine) Since moving to Austria in 2018, Mr.Bonilla continues providing for the musical community as the co-owner of International Music Venue, Tubes and as a professor at University of Graz. His Latin Jazz Quintet continues garnering attention in Europe as well as the ubiquitous Exploding Pig.

Luis Bonilla is a distinctly American vision, a gentle craziness that suggests that every one and every sound can co-exist if we just keep on taking in more and more. Luis Bonilla is moving in directions that are expanding our notions of jazz and leading us into startling new realms with “remarkable creativity and versatility” (Newsday).


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